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If Meditation Isn’t For You, Try These Mindful Practices

For some, staying still for a period of time to practice meditation is not so easy. Even if you aren’t able to meditate in the traditional sense, there are a variety of mindful practices to try that can help bring inner peace and calm. Soraya Saraswati suggests her top five favorite meditations in action here:

  1. Walking meditation: Walking with no destination in mind and no deadlines, walking mindfully will allow your thoughts to flow freely and for you to notice the environment surrounding you.
  2. Coloring: Adult coloring is a newer trend that has actually proven to bring mental health benefits. People who participate in creative activities also tend to deal with stress more efficiently.
  3. Watching a sunrise/sunset: Whether you like to wake early or would prefer the evening time, there is something very calming and new about the rise and set of the sun.
  4. Listening to relaxing/calming music: Music can transport us to another place, time or state. By listening and focusing on relaxation, music can help us to refocus.
  5. Gardening: Spending time in the garden or weeding can be very effective as long as you are mindful and present while doing so – not on autopilot.

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