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How Do We Know That Therapy Is Working?

In many different cases, it can be challenging for individuals to really understand whether or not they are making progress when it comes to therapy. Some therapists are not specific in goal setting or clarification of outcomes, and for this reason it can be difficult for clients to know if their therapy is really “working.” Therapists that specialize in cognitive behavior therapy, or CBT, specifically measure progress by evaluating symptoms, measuring occurrence of specific behaviors, and assessing progress toward very specific goals.

Similar to the way that CBT therapists monitor progress, clients can ask themselves these three questions to help better understand if their current form of therapy is working for them:

  1. Is my mood improving? What is my mood like throughout the duration of the week?
  2. Are my problematic behaviors or symptoms improving?
  3. Am I progressing toward my specific goals and solving my problems?

Click here to read the full article by Judith S. Beck, PhD for Huffington Post.