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How Do Emotions Affect Your Health?

Think that your mind and body are completely separate entities? Think again. Your emotional and mental well being are directly tied to your physical well being. So why are we so focused on bettering our physical health while letting our mental health fall by the wayside? Achieving our best self on all levels requires emotions to be in check and stable. Dr. Carmen Harra recommends taking these three actions to regulate emotions and be aware of both positive and negative feelings we experience:

  • Understand your dominant emotion. We each have a set of feelings and emotions that take us through the day. Understanding what you feel more consistently may help you to support your mental health in the best way possible.
  • Break your emotional habits. Due to how our brain sorts emotions, our bodies can become accustomed to certain emotions and expect to feel that certain way. Distract yourself from negative emotions to react differently to situations over time.
  • Release negative emotions in a healthy way. By utilizing different tools to manage your emotions, you can affirm your positive emotions and work out the negative ones. Write down your feelings. Enjoy physical activity. Practice affirmations for positive mood.

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