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How Caffeine Affects Anxiety

Doctors across a range of specialties – from psychotherapy to cardiology – continue to agree that caffeine can be a contributing factor when it comes to anxiety. If you already suffer from chronic stress or an anxiety disorder, caffeine overload will worsen symptoms and mimic anxiety. Why?

While caffeine gives you a jolt of energy, it also ups your stress hormones by stimulating production. As a result, your heart rate and breathing will increase. Caffeine also depletes minerals in your body such as magnesium, which is a natural anti-anxiety mineral.

So what to do? If you’re worried about offing caffeine altogether, you may not need to be concerned. For most patients, moderate intake of caffeine should be okay. Monitor your levels to ensure that you are only enjoying it in moderation. If you are fighting severe, clinical anxiety disorders, however, cutting off caffeine may be a natural way to minimize your symptoms along with standard treatment options.

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