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Heart Chakra Meditation

Find a quiet place where you can meditate without distraction. This could be your room, in nature, or even in your car. Just get comfortable, close your eyes and start by focusing on your breath.

Begin to breathe into your chest and imagine the breath filling your heart with each inhale. Repeat this cycle of heart-centered breathing until you feel your mind relax and focused on the feeling of your chest expanding and releasing. Don’t rush yourself, take your time to be present.

When you feel more focused and relaxed, deepen your breathing. Slowly fill and then release all the air in your chest. Acknowledge the space surrounding your heart. Feel the life energy you are breathing in and visualize it illuminating your heart chakra with positive light, and as you exhale all the air, let any grief you’re holding release out of your body. Let any emotions that come up be fully felt, don’t try to hold back. Just feel exactly what you’re feeling. Be fully present to the feeling of breathing into your heart.

When you feel connected to your heart, start to visualize the energy expanding from your chest. First through your torso, then down your arms and legs, and finally to the top of your head and the tips of your fingers and toes. Fully surround yourself with the glowing energy of your heart. This is your life energy, illuminated. Breathe into your entire body, sending energy and breath from your heart into your whole being.

Slowly draw your energy field back into the heart chakra, and focus your breathing in the chest once more. Relax. Enjoy a moment of stillness. Now give your heart some gratitude for opening up today and all the wisdom it gives you. It connects you to others. It is your source of love for people, for the Universe, for yourself. Say thank you.

When you are ready, slowly awaken your body by moving your fingers or toes. Open your eyes and continue your day feeling balanced and open to love in your life.


By Dani Beutell
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