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How to Be Happy: 13 Tips from Mental Health Experts

Are you happy?

If you find yourself unhappy more often than note, you may find these 13 tips from mental health experts helpful.

  1. Happiness doesn’t mean being problem-free
  2. Don’t lean on the word “should”
  3. Negative thoughts aren’t true.They’re just thoughts
  4. Think about one positive thing about your life every day
  5. Anyone can benefit from therapy
  6. Don’t think about your work responsibilities at home
  7. Stop checking your phone all day. Set aside some dedicated time instead.
  8. Prioritize your friendships
  9. Plan short-term and long-term goals
  10. Treat yourself with compassion
  11. Take care of your physical health
  12. Take a moment each day to remind yourself everything will be okay
  13. Put in the effort to take acre of your mental health in the same way you take care of your physical health

We hope you enjoy this quick tips to finding happiness. It takes time to incorporate these things into your daily routine, but they can help improve your mental health dramatically.

Full article at BuzzFeed.

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