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An Exercise in Unconditional Love: Part 1

Have you ever found yourself driving through a city like Los Angeles during rush hour? Perhaps you are sleepy and irritable from a full day’s work. Times like this can make you wonder, “Is it really possible to be present and accepting of what is happening now?”

Many simple and short practices can help you increase the strength of being present. These practices work by emitting unconditional love. The key is to practice often. If you feel that you need more intensive mental health services, look for a practitioner who incorporates mindfulness or meditation therapy practices like the one included below.

unconditional love enemies cat crowA Simple Practice:

Throughout the day, look into people’s eyes as you pass by them or while you are in conversation. Send each individual a loving thought. Keep your eyes soft and receptive. See if you can note the color and the beauty of each individual’s eyes, a reflection of that individual’s soul.

Practices like this one bring us into the present moment where there is a connection. You might even try looking into your own eyes in a mirror and sending yourself a loving thought. When was the last time you connected with yourself?

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