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Let’s Talk About Strong Emotions in Recovery

Looking for help dealing with strong emotions in recovery?

Most traditional addiction treatments tend to limit or avoid strong emotions.

The feelings you hold in while in treatment can cause a hindrance to your path to recovery. Letting it all go will not just provide a weight off your shoulders but will allow you to move past any ill will or pent up frustrations you have bottled up inside. Dealing with what is on the surface only helps for a short time.

Being able to speak about past traumatic experiences and hard times allows you to let go of the burden and those emotions. There is a form of therapy called dialectical behavior therapy. This therapy hits both the behavioral responses, the capacity to tolerate others emotions, and acceptance through a mindful approach. There is another approach to it as well which actively evokes the feelings those in the session have and makes them meaningful.

Breaking people of their patterns and addictions is not easy. Especially if they turned to drugs and or alcohol because of something that they don’t want to deal with. If these deep seeded emotions are not dealt with, relapse is inevitable. The constant avoidance pattern is something that needs to be broken. The inability to share and feel makes the addict struggle with things like happiness and clarity. Two things that can scare away someone who is very closed off.