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Digital Addiction – The Next Big Health Crisis

Addiction is a term thrown around loosely these days, a lot of us would fall into the category of digital addiction if we didn’t know the criteria for defining a real problem.

So what are the parameters that make you eligible for a full blown digital addiction versus just innocently looking at your phone more than you maybe realize?

  • If someone were to take away your phone for a week, would you survive?
  • Do you ever stop and realize you spend way too much time on your phone?
  • Do you blow off family and friends for your phone’s screen instead?
  • Have you been called out for using your phone at work?

Replace the word phone for drugs and you have something to consider.

Social media and internet use has torn apart marriages, made children and teenagers more isolated and anti-social, statically speaking, we are all more detached from our own reality than ever, and yet more easily connected than we’ve ever been. Irony.

So what kind of cure is there for a digital addiction? Simply choosing to use digital tech less is a start, but just like with an addiction to junk food or reality TV, it really isn’t considered a life threatening affliction.

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