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What Is Mindfulness Therapy In DBT?

January 24th, 2022 - Read more

Mindfulness therapy has become one of the most popular methods of treating stress in the twenty-first century. This ancient practice has shown impressive results, having been brought into modern psychology by people like Jon Kabat-Zinn. Recently, a therapy module called dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) has become the primary treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and …

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How Does Mindfulness Therapy Affect Your Memories?

February 13th, 2021 - Read more

When I started mindfulness therapy, there was a lot I did not like about it. The idea of living in the moment sounded okay, but what about the moments I did not want to live in? There had been all too many of those in my life. Mindfulness therapy threatened to bring them back up, …

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5 Everyday Things To Do One-Mindfully

August 21st, 2020 - Read more

When we speak of mindfulness for mental health and wellness, it is easy to get lost in the details. You may not know how to meditate or how long to do so. You may not know when to even try. But many mindfulness practices are actually very simple. One such practice is doing something “one-mindfully.” …

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