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Can Money Buy Happiness?

Can money buy you happiness?

This has been a question for decades, maybe centuries.

I think the answer is clear – yes and no.

Sorry to confuse you but there really are two sides to the story of whether or not money can offer you happiness. Money is not bad. What is bad is when you obsess over money, you love money and you will do anything to get money.

Money should not come before relationships. Money should not rule your life. Money is an object, not an obsession. In fact, this sort of obsession can lead to money paranoia.

Figure out why you want money? Is it for selfish reasons or unselfish reasons? Is it to buy the newest vehicle or to donate to charity? What is your reason behind acquiring money? It is then that you will figure out if money can make you happy.

What is your reason behind acquiring money? It is then that you will figure out if money can make you happy.

It is then that you will figure out if money can make you happy.

What Type of Happiness are you Shopping for?

Are you looking for fulfilling happiness?

Or, are you looking for something a little more superficial? There’s nothing wrong with wanting a little of both, but you need to be honest with yourself.

Some claim that happiness can exist on three different levels. One is happiness with monetary objects. Another level of happiness relates to your inner peace and overall wellbeing. The third is on a much higher level and has to do with fulfilling your purpose in life.

Others claim there are three types that include immediate, past and future types of happiness. And you can’t forget the areas of your life where happiness is desired. Areas can include work, home, play, friendships, marriage, health, religious or spiritual. It seems overwhelming and difficult to find happiness in each of those areas, but it can be done.

Things Can Make You Happy (Temporarily)

Items, stuff, and other junk can make us happy for a short period.

The happiness usually wears off soon after the purchase or event, however. Retail therapy and vacays are among the most popular ways to feel happy from money.

Money can buy just about everything material including homes, boats, cars, clothes and all the bling you could ever want. It can buy vacations to exotic islands where you can buy exotic pets. Money can buy weight loss, face lifts, tummy tucks and even butt injections. Money can even buy freedom in the right situation and with that certain crooked cop.

The sad truth, this type of spending only offers temporary happiness.

Debt-full Money

There are also times when money can be a curse and make you feel anything but happy.

It’s when you have debt.

We can call it debt-full money because you are in debt and you have money to spend, only you must spend it on debt repayments.

However, you are not full with money, your debt is.

That’s right. When you are debt-full you owe a lot of different debts and you have to spend most of your money paying off these debts. This sounds like a horrible way to spend your time.

Owing money to other people causes sadness and frustration. You work hard, earn a good pay and get depressed with each check payment you make to the people you owe. It is no fun to watch all of your money be sent to someone else.

Creditors are super smart. They created the credit score to make people feel as if they have to have debt in order to live in our society. The only thing your credit score means is that you are good at borrowing money. That’s it. The only way you can get a credit score is by borrowing money.

Financial problems are one of the top reasons for divorce in our country. This does not sound like happiness, when people are getting divorced over their money issues.

It can be deduced that when a person has a lot of debt and all of their money goes to pay debts, they are not happy. So, being debt-full cannot lead to happiness.

Debt-Free Money

Debt-free money is the best kind of money. It means that all the money you make at work goes straight into your pocket. You don’t have to share it with anybody because you don’t owe anyone any money. When you have money in your pocket, you can buy or do anything you wish, like giving. It feels so good to give to others. Many worthy causes would love to receive your money, they need it, and when you have no debt, all you should worry about is which organization or individual you want to support.

Being debt free has a direct link to being happy. The freedom you feel when you are debt free is so much better than what you feel when you owe money. Experts in the field of debt free living claim you feel rich in all areas of your life when you do not owe money.

How to get Happy with Money

Some say that people who make between 40,000 and $75,000 a year are the happiest out of all of us.

One study suggests money can buy you happiness if you spend money according to you personality trait. Personality traits can

Personality traits can include openness to experience, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness and neuroticism. So, if you want to be happy with money and you are conscientious, then spend your money on causes that peak your level of awareness and dedication to important causes.

Money can buy security, especially in the areas of health, which can lead to feeling happier. Security takes away the worry of how you can take care of yourself and others. When you have less to worry about, the happier you feel.

The main way to gain happiness from money is to work to earn money with the goal of giving. Giving is so rewarding and fulfilling. To spend your money on people who are less fortunate can improve your overall mental health. It helps you realize all the great things you do have in life. It helps you become more grateful and appreciative, both of which lead to happiness. Your attitude improves and you get a sense of purpose which fills that inner question of why you are here on earth.