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Food for the Soul: Best Spiritual Healing Sources

Our culture could easily be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). So much media storm our senses. It’s no wonder we often feel anxiety and worry amid this information tornado. In the downpour, you may choose an umbrella of uplifting media to soothe your body and mind. Find a few suggestions below.

Unity Worldwide Ministries

Spiritual books to heal cultural add

Dive right in and order some Unity books, read affirmations, or listen to meditations free on the website. In addition, Unity  has a uPray app that allows you to send in prayer requests to Silent Unity, a 24-hour prayer line. However, please note that these media use the words, God and Christ. Since the intension of this blog is to be inclusive. If these names turn you off, Unity may not be your site.

Louise Hay

A similar resource, Louise Hay’s website offers many online and print resources to uplift and inspire you. Listen to a podcast and read affirmations. Also, Louise Hay’s publishing house offers a variety of media. Along with Louise Hay, this site includes other healers and empowerment coaches within the Human Potential Movement. 

TED Talks

If you enjoy TED Talks, search by specialty, like psychology, coaching, or other forms of therapy. Also, you might search for a specific topic, like happiness or mental health. Here’s a wonderful talk by Ingrid Fetell Lee on finding joy. This talk focuses on feeding the soul from a different angle because it does not dwell on personal practices like those listed above. Instead, it focuses on the physical environments around us and their design: the importance of colorful, curvy, fun places to be.

Other Low-Cost Resources

Many resources can be found free at your local library. For instance, some local libraries offer services like Overdrive. City residents with a library account can check out online books and media at no cost. There are countless experts in therapy, mental health, and healing on these media sites as well as others with knowledge for you to embrace.

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This article was written by Bobbi Rudin, a mind body spirit healthcare writer and instructor.