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Food for the Soul: Best Spiritual Healing Sources

Our culture could easily be diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). So much media storm our senses, it’s no wonder we often feel anxiety and worry in the midst of this information tornado. In the downpour, you may as well choose an umbrella of uplifting media that are soothing to body and mind. Find a few of our best suggestions below for spiritual healing and wellness.

Spiritual books to heal cultural add

Louise Hay. Listen to a live Youtube of Louise Hay and read affirmations by clicking here. Louise Hay’s publishing house offers books, audio cds, and dvds created by herself and other healers and empowerment coaches within the Human Potential Movement to uplift and inspire you.

Ted Talks Youtube videos offer many inspirational speakers with something to say that is worth listening to. Talks are offered by specialists in psychology, coaching, many forms of therapy and also just plain folk who have something interesting to share. You can search for a Ted Talk on a subject of interest by placing “Ted Talk on (insert the subject you are looking for)” into your search engine.  To see the history of the Ted Talks click here.

If finances are tight, here’s a low cost solution. Many resources by those mentioned above can be found free at your local library or streaming online. There are countless experts in therapy, mental health and healing currently sharing their knowledge for you to embrace.

“Big dreams. Small Steps.”


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