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Beating Seasonal Affective Disorder Naturally

This time of year, many people begin to feel the effects of less light and colder weather in the form of seasonal affective disorder, often referred to as seasonal depression. If you are experiencing unusual fatigue, sluggishness, moodiness, and social withdrawal, it is possible you are experiencing SAD. Some find that adjusting eating habits, supplements, and sleep can help to improve symptoms:

  • Vitamin D3
  • Vitamin B12
  • Turmeric
  • Wild-caught sockeye salmon
  • Dark chocolate
  • Eliminate sugar
  • Light therapy
  • Resetting your sleep schedule

These natural remedies and adjustments may certainly help you to start feeling more like your old self. That being said, contact your mental health provider to learn more about how to treat seasonal affective disorder.

Understanding Seasonal Depression Infographic

If you are experiencing depression that tends to pop up during the darker and colder seasons of the year, it is possible that you are dealing with a sub-type of depression called Seasonal Affective Disorder. To learn more about SAD – seasonal depression – see the helpful infographic below from Health Central, designed by APage.

Understanding Seasonal Depression | Vantage Point Recovery