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About VP-Residential

We at Vantage Point are thrilled to introduce our new program, VP Residential. Our main focus around this program is to provide a safe haven to our clients. A place that is far away from the trials and successes of treatment. A place that gives a feeling of security, peace, and a sense of home. We have created an environment with moderate amenities, a caring connection, and nourishing meals. It is the final puzzle piece to the completion of what makes a beneficial treatment program.

We know the challenges that clients face in treatment. Make of these become obstacles that are overcome, others can become looming hindrances. Sometime these hindrances get louder with surroundings being a constant reminder of treatment or being stuck in a hospital-like setting. The last thing that we want is for someone to feel frustrated in their road to recovery because of their surroundings.

VP Residential frees clients from this stigma. Having a home away from treatment releases any feelings of hindrance or frustration and clears the path for recovery. Having this oasis away from treatment is just what is needed to separate home base.

At Vantage Point, we center our treatment on love, compassion, and regard for our clients’ wellbeing. We have a reputation for taking on the most complicated cases. We have built a program that is not only wholesome, but effective. Our cutting edge therapy and customized treatment plans bring the most adequate path of recovery to the table.