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8 Myths You Still Believe About Bipolar Disorder

How much do you know about bipolar disorder?

Despite being one of the six most common mental health issues, most have an incorrect understanding of what bipolar disorder actually is. Take a look at this list of common myths you still believe about bipolar disorder.

Let’s take a look.

Myths You Still Believe About Bipolar Disorder

  • Bipolar disorder is rare.
  • Bipolar disorder is just another name for mood swings.
  • People with bipolar disorder shift back and forth from depression to mania very often.
  • When they’re in the manic phase, people with bipolar disorder are often very happy.
  • There is a bipolar test.
  • Bipolar disorder can’t be diagnosed until age 18.
  • People with bipolar disorder should not take antidepressants.
  • A person with bipolar disorder has few options for controlling the condition.

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