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7 Best Ways to Manage ADHD As An Adult

Looking for ways to manage ADHD as an adult?

Whether it’s for you or for a loved one, you may find the following list of seven suggestions helpful. Living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can be extremely difficult, but there are ways to cope. Dr. Scott Shapiro sheds light on a few options you have as an adult living with ADHD

Ways to Manage ADHD As An Adult

Take a look at the following ways to manage attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

There are several types of ADHD, so some of these might not work for everyone but they are worth exploring. If you find non of these work for you, consider learning more about ADHD treatment.

  • Rumination
  • Increase structure
  • Self-Talk
  • Improve Sleep
  • Fun
  • Set Goals
  • Cardiovascular Exercise

Full article at Psychology Today by Scott Shapiro, M.D.