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5 Ways To Exercise In Your Workday

So much of our lives revolves around our jobs. So why does our fitness exist merely in our free time? Recent evidence shows that too much sitting leads to serious health conditions down the road. So, building exercise into your otherwise stationary workday could, quite literally, save your life. Make a change this week with these 5 ways to get more active at work:

  1. Take a Brisk Walk: This suggestion is so simple that often we overlook how easy and effective it is to get moving. Swap your work shoes for a pair of sneakers and take 10 minutes to walk outside, around the building, or even laps around the halls. Not only will you get your heart pumping, but you will feel more energized when you return to your desk.
  2. Use a Fitness Ball: If you want to tone your core muscles, improve your balance, and keep alert during the day, a fitness ball is a great substitute for a desk chair. On your lunch break, take it out from under the desk with this 15 minute full body workout.
  3. Take Hand Weight Breaks: Keep a pair of hand weights in your desk for quick-toning workouts. Set a timer for every hour and do a couple reps of arm curls.
  4. Take the Stairs: You’ve heard it a million times, but how often do you do it? On your breaks, tone your legs by walking up 3-4 flights of stairs a few times a day. Skip the elevator whenever you have the opportunity.
  5. Park On The Far Side of the Lot: This is a small difference that adds up. Increase your steps every week by parking on the furthest end of the parking lot, the highest tier of the garage, or down the block.


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