Facebook Connect 5 Articles You Don't Want to Miss - Week 3

5 Articles You Don’t Want to Miss – Week 3

Welcome back to another edition of our weekly round-up.

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This week we took a closer look at depression, anxiety, and stress in observation of Stress Awareness month.

7 Myths About Depression You Still Believe – Despite affecting over 350,000,000 people around the world, there’s a lot of misunderstanding surrounding depression. This often creates negative connotations and over-simplification of the mental health problem, which can be extremely hurtful to those experiencing the disorder.

April Is Stress Awareness Month – It’s Stress Awareness Month, which is a 30 day period in which the mental health community comes together in effort to spread awareness around stress.

6 Proven Ways to Manage Stress – If you feel overwhelmed with stress throughout the day and you want to work on improving how you handle it, take a look at this article for six ideas.

4 Things Not to Say to Someone With an Anxiety Disorder – Anxiety is another mental health disorder that tends to be over-simplified. If you know someone experiencing severe anxiety, be sure to avoid saying these four things.

10 Things that Cause the Most Stress – A quick list of ten things that generally tend to cause the most stress.

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