Alexa's Certified Metrics 5 Articles You Don't Want to Miss - Week 2

5 Articles You Don’t Want to Miss – Week 2

We covered a lot this week – whether you’re interested in improving your overall health, learning more about bipolar disorder, or exploring the most common mental health issues, you’ll find one of the following articles interesting.

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Feeling Resistance During Recovery – It’s not uncommon to experience a feeling of doubt, defeat, or other negative emotion while working through recovery. Stay strong and rest assured the road to recovery only leads to one place … the key is to stay on it.

8 Myths You Still Believe About Bipolar Disorder – In light of World Bipolar Day ( March 30th ), we wanted to explore bipolar disorder a little further by revealing eight common misconceptions about the mental illness. Take a look to learn more and help support bipolar disorder awareness.

11 Helpful Mental Fitness Tips – A quick list of things you can do to exercise your mind and strengthen your overall mental health.

6 Common Mental Health Issues – This list includes the six most common mental health issues throughout the U.S.

10 Ways to Calm Your Anxious Mind – If you feel stressed out more often than not, you may suffer from an anxious mind. Here are ten things you can do to calm yourself from the inside out.

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