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3 Creative Activities For People Who Struggle With Creativity

Creative Activity

Creative expression is often touted as one of the most effective paths to self-actualization. Aside from the fact that people who excel at creative endeavors are admired by our society, mental health experts speak of the huge benefits of creativity to holistic mental wellness. Creativity is part and parcel of mental health and addiction recovery treatment at most institutions.

But what about those people who struggle with creativity. While some individuals can pick up writing, painting, and making music with a natural intuition, others struggle with the idea that they are creative beings in the first place.

In reality, everyone is somewhat creative. The popular idea of left-brained and right-brained people is very flawed. However, it is much more difficult for some people to access their creativity.

The good news is that you don’t need to master a skill to engage your creativity.

The following 3 creative activities can be picked up by anyone.

1. Coloring

There are many cynics who think adult coloring books are childish and fatuous. What they fail to realize is that what they consider maturity is a limitation, rather than a virtue. Yes, young children enjoy coloring in and it is an important part of their development. But that does not mean adults can’t benefit from it.

Adult coloring books provide an opportunity to engage creatively without any pressure. There is no right or wrong way of coloring an image in. Simply coloring for its own sake is not only soothing, but brings out your innate creativity. You don’t need to create a masterpiece to enjoy the process.

2. Karaoke

Do you enjoy listening to music? Many music lovers admire the craft of music while believing they don’t have a musical bone in their bodies. However, even if no one else wants to hear your singing voice, you can have fun and engage your creativity by doing so anyway.

These days, there are karaoke apps you can download on your phone. They provide the basics for nearly every song you can think of. All you need to do is sing along with headphones. If you like how you sound, you can add effects, autotune, and save the recording. If not, you can delete it immediately.

Download Smule or StarMaker to get started.

3. Keep a journal

Another thing many people simply avoid doing because they think they’re not creative is writing. Many individuals want to write – it’s a great way to say what is on your mind and explore some of your thoughts. But because they don’t have creative writing skills or practice they think it is impossible.

Simply keeping a journal is a great way to engage that same kind of creativity with no stakes. You don’t need to write well in order to get your thoughts on the page. Just write what comes to mind and leave it at that. Don’t overthink it. The only one who will ever see these pages is you.

Creativity is great for your mental health and wellness. You don’t need to be a professional artist, writer or singer to engage your innate creativity.