Alexa's Certified Metrics 10 Strategies for Better Mental Health This Year

10 Strategies for Better Mental Health This Year

As we begin a brand new year, many of us may be seeking to improve our mental and physical health. While any journey toward health improvement takes time, these ten strategies are not only backed by scientific research but also come recommended from Good Therapy’s staff. Read on for more details of ten effective strategies to employ as you take steps toward bettering your mental health and well being.

10. Be kind to yourself.
9. Practice gratitude.
8. Forgive past grievances and people from your past.
7. Strengthen your community and support system.
6. Seek out a therapist.
5. Identify your personal triggers.
4. Find joy in the simple things.
3. Unplug and rewind.
2. Pay it forward and help others.
1. Meditate.

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